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WCR V1.1.1

WCR v1.1.1 has been released and includes the following content:


  • Whitecoast Central has been rebuilt
  • Elmsworth has been added
  • Ashgrove has been added
  • Blackwater has been added


  • MPV has been added (Staff members only)

Double variants have been added, these being the following trains:

  • Class 158/7 (Double)
  • Class 195/0 (Double)
  • Class 323/2 (Double)

Platform Staff:

  • Mirna Harbor has been added to the list
  • Blackwater has been added to the list

Other content:

  • Improved diesel train sounds
  • Class 320/321 have received new sounds
  • Class 323 has received new sounds
  • New route: R11 Chichester City - Kai Natural Park
  • Working headlights on all trains
  • Majority of v1.1 bugs have been fixed