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v1.1 IS OUT!

WCR v1.1 update is finally here 🥳

New stations:

Whitecoast South (Station with limited services, the trains only stop during Friday 6:00 UTC - until Sunday 18:00 UTC) Mirna Harbour Blackstone Oakwich-On-Sea Mirna Town Mirna Beach > Redborough

New trains:

Class 320 Class 321 Class 323 Class 68 + mk5a coaches Class 700

Other features:

New driving UI New PS locations New semaphore signals And much more...

Upgraded stations and features:

Rosewells station Bracknell Parkway station Rosewells loop route has been renamed as Whitecoast Loop and now terminates at Whitecoast Central Added a 1st class lounge at Norwich Central And more things for your enjoyment

❗ | Important note: The routes have been changed, and all the coins for the routes you had purchased have been returned to you.

Thanks to all of you for keep supporting us. Have fun and enjoy the update!! ♥️